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Volunteers-The Secret Ingredient



Table of contents (docx 19 KB)

Introduction to the program (pptx 133 KB)

Newspaper Advertisement (docx 17 KB)

Working with Children Check (docx 451 KB)

WWCC Appendix 1 (pdf 88 KB) WWCC Appendix (pdf 656 KB) WWCC Appendix 4 (pdf 260 KB)

WWCC Appendix 5 (pdf 433 KB) WWCC Appendix 6 (pdf 197 KB)

Introductory (docx 18 KB)

Volunteer Details (docx 15 KB)

Induction Booklet (docx 48 KB)

Volunteer Feedback (docx 18 KB)

Name Tags (docx 14 KB)

Staff Feedback (docx 18 KB)

Volunteer Feedback (docx 18 KB)

Student Volunteer feedback (docx 18 KB)

Current Volunteers (docx 28 KB)

Literacy Activities (docx 39 KB)

Numeracy Activities (docx 182 KB)

Swimming Activities (docx 22 KB)

Bike Riding Activities (docx 22 KB)

Community Sport (docx 22 KB)

Sensory Activities (docx 22 KB)

Inter school events (docx 22 KB)

Playground Tips (docx 22 KB)

Shopping Tips (docx 21 KB)

Library Tips (docx 21 KB)

Work Crew Tips (docx 22 KB)

Student Volunteers (docx 22 KB)

Going to the Parks Tips (docx 21 KB)

Cooking Tips for Volunteers (docx 22 KB)

Cleaning the fish tank (docx 48 KB)

Helping with Meal Times (docx 22 KB)

Art Activities (docx 22 KB)

Music Activities (docx 22 KB)

Assembly Tips (docx 22 KB)

Technology Tips (docx 21 KB)

Woodworking Tips (docx 21 KB)







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