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Budawang School: a vibrant and caring learning community

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Our staff

Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.


Welcome to Budawang Public School

Our staff are united in their determination to ensure the students in their care have the best possible education experiences. 

 As you read about their various skills and talents you will soon see that we have the skills to cater for every aspect of special education.

Karen Furniss - Relieving Principal

Karen is a new addition to Budawang School.  Karen has previously worked at Havenlee SSP and has many attributes to bring to Budawang School.  Karen is joy to have around our school and is busy getting to know all of our staff and our wonderful students. 

Sylvia Stone

Sylvia Stone is the Senior Administrative Manager.  She greets people cheerfully as they come in to the school, organizes the daily routines, takes care of  financial matters and generally keeps everyone on track.  She can help you solve any problem and is a computer wizard.

Elaine Howard - Assistant Principal & Yellow Class

Elaine is our Assistant Principal, she works with the Yellow Class. Elaine is very technologically savvy and also very crafty and creative.  She is extremely patient and good at reading when the child is ready to move on to the next level.

Deb Huish 

Deb is a highly skilled  teacher.  She is extremely creative and loves to dance, sing and do artwork with the students.  She is also very sporty and is an Auswim trained teacher.  

Col Burnes - Red Class 

Col is the teacher in the Red Class. He is an extremely experienced, dedicated teacher who is very active in the Transition to Work program. He gives lots of  his personal time to bike ride and work with the older students.

Debbie Cook- Purple Class (Mon - Wed)

Debbie has a Masters Degree in Special Education and brings a wealth of knowledge with her from past careers including nursing and outdoor education to our school. She particularly enjoys working with the practical aspects of the curriculum including community based literacy and numeracy and sporting activities.

Simone Brayne - Purple Class (Thurs & Fri)

Simone is a young, enthusiastic and committed teacher.  She teaches the Purple Class on Thursday and Friday.  She has her Masters Degree in Special Education.  She is also Auswim trained and an accomplished musician.

Kelly Rooney- Blue Class

Kelly Rooney will be teaching our little ones in Blue Class this year.  With many years experience and a passion for teaching Kelly is a wonderful asset to our Budawang School.  We are so lucky to have Kelly back with us.  Kelly has completed her Masters Degree and has worked in a variety of different settings in special education.  Kelly is cool, calm and collected and she is a joy in the classroom.  

Ania Mazurowska - Green Class

Ania Mazurowska is our teacher for Green Class this year.  Ania is vibrant, enthusiastic and fun and the students of Green Class just love her.  Ania is dedicated to helping the Green Class students learn all sorts of new things.  

Jenny Tyquin

Jenny Tyquin has many years of experience, but is still as vibrant and enthusiastic as ever.  She is a great asset to the school in so many ways and is a wonderful Learning Support Officer for the Yellow Class.

Lizzie McSpadden

Lizzie McSpadden is one of our School Learning Support Officers.  she is working with Kelly on the Blue Class.   Lizzie  is amazingly flexible and skilled in a variety of areas including administration and technology.

Nadia Johnson

Nadia Johnson is one of our Learning Support Officers.  She especially enjoys swimming and working with our students with high support needs. She has lots of new ideas and energy. She is currently working on the Blue Class.

Stephen Rimington

Stephen Rimington is the School Learning Support Officer on the Yellow Class.  He has wonderful Key Word signing skills and is also very good at managing challenging behaviour as he is patient but firm.  Stephen is is also a handy person to have around during physical activities.

Garry Gregory

Garry  has many years of experience as a Learning Support Officer in Special Education settings.  Gary works with the Green Class for most of each day, but will happily work in a variety of settings as the timetable directs.

Cheryl Bellet

Cheryl Bellet has returned to our school as the Learning Support Officer for the Red Class.  Cheryl is very fit, calm and experienced in caring for our students.  She knows many of our families because of the work she does outside of our school.  It's great to have her back.

Sharonne Howcroft

Sharonne Howcroft is a Learning Support Officer who works across all classes to support learning and engagement.  She is wonderful and we couldn't do without her.  Sharonne does a lot of volunteer work and knows our students very well.

Alex Morton

Alex Morton works with our bike riding program and swimming . Alex is a wonderful influence on our teenage boys and is also a great help with the younger students.

Jim Folder

Jim Folder is our general assistant.  Jim keeps our grounds looking nice and he solves any building and constructions problems around the school.


Kellie is a Learning Support Officer and is on Purple Class .  She is a lovely addition to Budawang School and the staff and students alike adore her calm and fun loving attitude.  

Rachel Rowbotham

Rachel Rowbotham is employed as a School Administrative Officer and works closely with Sylvia in the office, but she is also helping out with Technology as well as Learning Support.   Rachel is a great all-rounder and is willing to help out with anything that is needed.  Rachel is a lovely addition to the wonderful staff at Budawang.  

Penny Greenwood

Penny Greenwood is back this year doing RFF working several days a week with all of our wonderful classes.  Penny has worked at Budawang on and off for a while now, so it is great to see her smiling face back at Budawang and the students are all very excited.